Kitten Tales

Life has been a roller-coaster the last month or so and it all started with the death of the Demon Cat.

As beautiful as he was cantankerous, Jackson was a cat to be reckoned with. Determined to live life on his terms, he made sure his human family knew he was boss. But a life lived on the edge had a time limit and unfortunately his had run out.

Then Little Miss Justice had a medical mishap and I was prepared to curl up in a ball and cry for a week at the thought of losing her too. But she pulled through and was soon back to her sweet cuddly self.

In the middle of these kitty cat catastrophes I was notified that my publisher was winding down operations and I had to find a new home for my Reaper series. This was a blow, but I picked myself up and decided it was time for some good news. So I adopted another kitten from the same animal aid group that I adopted Justice from.

Max joined the family and we all fell in love with him, especially Justice. Max wasn’t too keen on her at first, but after a couple of days the two of them were romping around the house together and then curling up for a nap.

With the arrival of Max my spirits were lifted and life got even better with the news that my original publisher had recommended my work to another publisher. Within days I was offered a contract with Atlas Productions for my Reaper books and we are in the process of getting Lost Reaper back out into the world, soon to be followed by the sequel Winged Reaper.

I’m sure life will continue to throw ups and downs at me, but with two gorgeous kitties to cuddle up to I’m ready for it.


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