Arcane Awakenings Series

Arcane Awakenings – a fast-paced paranormal fantasy novella series.

Welcome to the Arcane Awakenings Novella Series, where  a group of young women discover amazing abilities, battle ruthless adversaries and encounter handsome allies.

Arcane Awakenings Books One and Two  

A hidden past. An uncertain future.


In Angel Fire, all Andie wants is acceptance, a task made difficult thanks to the nightmare that’s plagued her for the past fifteen years. Then she learns it’s a terrifying memory of the night she lost her identical twin. When Angel’s spirit calls to her, begging to be saved, Andie is determined to discover what really happened the night her sister died.

The story continues in Wild Lightning, when Celeste wakes in a mental institution with no memory of who she is or why she can shoot lightning from her fingertips. Spurred on by a vision of Angel, Celeste escapes and searches for answers as her captors close in.

Andie and Celeste must battle ruthless adversaries as they seek to uncover the truth, but will this lead to a future more dangerous than what they’ve left behind?

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Arcane Awakenings Books Three and Four ArcaneAwakenings_book2

Freedom comes at a cost.

In Hidden Aftershock, after escaping from the Wood Estate and being reunited with her family, Angel is finally free to enjoy her life. But she knows it won’t last. Dr Wood is still out there, determined to complete her research. When unexplained earthquakes rock Easton, and Angel’s dreams point her in the direction of the Estate, she makes a decision that could end her freedom for good.

Then in Blind Sight, after being blinded in a car accident, Belinda begins having visions of future events. When her ability becomes public knowledge, she is targeted by a ruthless scientist. Only by joining forces with Angel and the others will Belinda have any hope of escaping the trap he sets for her.

Angel and Belinda must overcome their limitations to gain the freedom they deserve. But will the cost of that freedom prove to be too high?

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Arcane Awakenings Books Five and SixArcaneAwakenings_5&6

Being different could lead to a death sentence.

In Divine Captive, Grace is mistakenly kidnapped for having psychic abilities. When her abductor discovers his error, she’s forced to use her wits to ensure her survival. Faced with enemies with incredible powers, she soon realises she may not be as ordinary as she’d always believed.

Then in Spirit Unleashed, punished her entire life for not being psychic, her father’s death reveals everything Rose believed is wrong. Now she must find a way to control her new-found abilities before those who have misjudged her force her to fulfil their diabolical plans.

In the exciting conclusion to the Arcane Awakenings Series, Grace and Rose have the odds stacked against them. Out-matched and out-numbered, they will have to fight for their lives. But will their burgeoning abilities lead them to victory or death?

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Arcane Awakenings The Collection

All six novellas in one collection.

Six young women discover hidden powers that make them the target of unscrupulous adversaries. Only by learning to harness their newfound abilities and work together will they be able to gain their freedom.

As they fight to break free, they soon learn that more is at stake than just their lives.

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