When a Kitten is Not the Perfect Gift

I recently celebrated a birthday and it got me thinking about what is the perfect gift to give a writer.

For a few years now my answer would have been a kitten, but as hubby finally gave in and got me Little Miss Justice as an early birthday present, bringing my cat total to two, I was left scrambling for ideas when people asked me what I wanted.


Now the obvious choice might be books, as most writers are readers first, but that doesn’t always turn out so well. I love books, and read most genres, so picking a book that I would like is an easy task for many members of my family and close friends. Two friends did buy me books this birthday and they were great picks. The trouble is they were such great picks that I already have them. Unless you get the opportunity to stalk your writer’s bookshelves, both electronic and physical, you may find yourselves in the same situation.

So, if you can’t give a writer a kitten or books, what does that leave?

How about TIME?

Every writer I know would love more time. Time to write. Time to read. Time to perfect that manuscript before the deadline hits. Time to be Mum or Dad, catch up on chores, meet with friends. Time to take a nap, preferably with a cat or two.

One of my lovely sisters did in fact give me more time for my birthday. Not that it added any hours to my days, not even a minute. But as a writer who loves dragons, castles, reapers and anything fantastical, the time she did give me fits perfectly into my speculative fiction world.


So next time you are looking to buy a gift for the writer in your life, don’t automatically reach for a kitten. Buy them some time instead. Who knows, it may help them stick to their deadlines.


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